With half a decade of experience traveling through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan I'm here to assist you in planning your trip according to your personal preferences and budget. Including advice on how to get the cheapest flights, best accommodations, where to visit for the best experience, avoiding scams and staying safe. Plus information on finding activities such as temples, street food, nightlife, car racing and more. Guaranteed to save you hundreds of dollars in expenses and make your time in Southeast Asia safer and more enjoyable.

Consultation Services are also available to those looking to permanently relocate to Thailand to retire or work remotely. This includes helping you decide what area of Thailand is best for you, how to find the best deal on a condo, information on Visa options for long term stay, and more. 

The CB Media YouTube Channel reached 200,000 Subscribers in under 12 months in 2020 because of my years of experience in content production, data analytics, and understanding why the algorithm rewards channels. If you need help growing your YouTube Channel I offer Consultation Services to assist you in becoming successful on YouTube and making it your full-time job. 

1 Hour Consultation Service